Original Art: Michael C. Gibson

Himba Hair by Michael C Gibson

As you look at the work of artist Michael C. Gibson, it’s easy to think that you’re looking at the work of a photographer.  You might think that these are black and white photographs that Gibson has taken during his travels.  But Gibson’s talent goes beyond photography to something much more fine-tuned and meticulous.  This artist is a master at using a pencil to create photo-realistic drawings that are absolutely mind-blowing.

Himba by Michael C Gibson

Gibson’s African Inspirations series features beautiful illustrations of various African peoples.  Samburu Warriors, the Himba of Northern Namibia, and the Maasai of eastern Africa, are represented among his works.

Samburu Warrior by Michael C Gibson

For Gibson, a graduate of Toronto’s prestigious Sheridan College, he is inspired by the things he sees in every day life.  Something as simple as a girl’s smile can be an inspiration for a new piece of work.  It’s as if his pieces are a window into the soul of those he encounters.

Turkana Woman by Michael C Gibson

You can explore the work of Michael C. Gibson on his website, and even shop for a few prints of your own.  These are pieces that you will definitely want to add to your art collection.

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