Love For Gabby

What are the odds that a 16 year old girl could inspire a movement?  A movement where people express pride, happiness, and thanks, and give recognition to a young woman who flew so high, that when we watched her, the whole world paused for a bit and stood in awe.  That’s what #LoveForGabby is all about.  Two of my fave bloggers, Adrienne of Eclectic A and Desiré from Sukio started something spectacular, and reached out to their favorite bloggers to become part of a movement of appreciation for Gabby Douglas, the first African-American woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal in the All-Around Competition in Women’s Gymnastics.

I was thrilled to become apart of this movement.  When Gabby Douglas won last week, and made history it brought tears to my eyes.  I knew immediately that something amazing had happened.  Suddenly a door was opened for little African-American girls who could see themselves in Gabby – who wanted to achieve something, be great at something, and fly as high as she did over those bars.  I could go on for days about some of the things that were discussed after Gabby’s historic win.  The media seemed to pick up on the most inane things surrounding her, and on many outlets the spin about this Olympian did not come close to the applause she deserved.  But I truly believe in accentuating the positive.  And so today, we applaud Gabby Douglas for her hard work, for her sacrifice, for achieving her goal, and for making history!

Source: via AphroChic on Pinterest

Gabby, thank you. You will never know all of the lives that you have touched.  You are our first, and because of what you’ve accomplished and the role model that you are, I know that you will certainly not be our last.  

To follow this movement for Gabby, check out the #LoveForGabby tweets on Twitter, and the Love For Gabby Pinterest board, a collection of posts from around the blogosphere.  
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