The Week In Review: 8.31.12

Jeanine and Jerrel from J. Crew

Happy Friday!  I’m so happy it’s here.  This week has been a whirlwind one for me.  After being evacuated from my apartment for several weeks due to a mold issue, I am finally back home!  Thank God for eco-cleaning services that can remove impurities from your home.  Honestly, whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, I recommend getting a deep cleanse of your home at least once a year.  We found out that the vents in our building hadn’t been cleaned for 30 years, leading to a build-up of mold spores and bacteria.  Now that they’re clean, I feel fantastic, breathe better, and sleep better too.

On top of the fun of getting my apartment back in order, I also had fun shopping for my first trip to New York Fashion Week.    To get ready for my trip I needed to do a little shopping, and got some great help from Jerrel (that’s him above), the stylist at J.Crew in Liberty Place here in Philly.  He was a huge help, assisting me in figuring out the perfect outfits for next week’s events.  If you’re ever in need of some styling advice, I definitely recommend heading to your nearest J. Crew.  Their new Very Personal Stylist program is absolutely free and worth every minute.

I will be away from the blog all of next week as I’ll be in NYC, but definitely be sure to follow @aphrochic on Instagram and Twitter.  I will be taking you inside the events and parties I’ll be attending, including the season finale of Project Runway, the Project Runway Lord & Taylor 10th Anniversary celebration, Fashion Night Out, and Emily Henderson and I’s presentation of our wallpaper collaboration to press and execs at HP.  You won’t want to miss my pics!

{Image taken via Instagram}

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