AphroChic Joins Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend

I am thrilled to let you know about a new campaign that I’m a part of, one that’s dear to my heart – the 3rd Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend.  This weekend, Dove is asking every mom, dad, grandmom, pop-pop, auntie, uncle, teacher and mentor to talk with the young girls in their lives about beauty, confidence, and building healthy self-esteem, and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this movement.

I know statistics can be boring, but did you know that 60% of girls stop doing an activity that they love because they feel bad about the way they look?  That means a little girl might stop doing ballet, dance, swimming, basketball, singing – activities that can help instill confidence in her and a sense of value – all because she’s worried about how she looks.

At AphroChic one of our primary focuses has been working to provide a positive image of Black women.  I want every African-American woman and girl who views our catalog, product line, and this blog to see herself in what is presented here.  It’s in seeing positive images of real women that girls can grow up feeling confident and focused on their goals.

I would like to invite all of you to take a little time this weekend to talk to a young girl.  Be a role model, and encourage her to follow what she’s passionate about.  You may not have all the answers and that’s ok.  Dove has provided the Let’s Talk Toolkit that you can easily download to help you get the conversation started and keep it going.

Let’s talk, and help all little girls lead healthy and confident lives.  Join Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend October 5th – 7th on TwitterFacebook, and in your local community.

{This article is sponsored by Dove.  Images via the AphroChic Bambino Pinterest Board}

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