Soulful Spaces by Mariah O’Brien Interiors

Mariah Obrien

I love learning about a new interior designer, and was excited to view the work of Mariah O’Brien for the first time last week.  Mariah established her company in 2004, and for the last eight years has been designing homes with her special blend of modern design that injects personal style into every home.  In Mariah’s own words, “Everyone has the opportunity for their home to tell their story, I believe my gift is helping to illustrate that story, bringing that story to life.”

Mariah Obrien 2

I was immediately struck by the images in Mariah’s portfolio and how they made me feel.  There are lots of designers who design clean, monochromatic spaces, but not many who can design such spaces with a warm and soulful feel to them.  Mariah has a real talent for designing rooms that feel immediately welcoming and comforting.

Mariah Obrien 3

Her spaces are filled with eye-catching elements, like a salon wall of black and white photography in this home’s hallway.

Mariah Obrien 4

An innovative designer, I absolutely love how this wall has been covered in pages from old books.  Just beautiful!

Mariah Obrien 5

In her interiors, even something as simple as a breakfast table can become an interesting vignette.  I love the unique lighting fixture above the rough-hewn wooden table. It’s a place where one could linger and truly enjoy the beauty and comfort of the space.

You can view more of Mariah’s soulful work in her portfolio.  Enjoy!

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