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Happy day after the election!  I know that many of you are ready to get life back to normal again, so let’s do that with an inspiring design post today.  I’ve been so excited to share with you images from the Hearst Designer Visions showcase.  This is what happens when three Hearst publications come together – Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Veranda – we are treated to some absolutely gorgeous design!

house beautiful-designer-visions-rockwell-group-hallway-lights-1112--xln

For the sixth annual Designer Visions showcase, Hearst worked with top interior designers to design some must-see apartments in the 250 West Street building in Tribeca.  Matthew Patrick Smyth, David Rockwell, and Antony Todd each designed a high-end luxury space.  And this year Hearst took the showcase a step further, partnering with The 48 Hour Film Project to create short films in each apartment.

house beautiful-designer-visions-rockwell-group-bedroom-1112-xln

The result is spaces that set the tone for where design is going today – modern interiors layered with color, pattern, art, and unique furnishings that dazzle.

house beautiful-designer-visions-rockwell-group-kitchen-1112-xln

Each of these apartments offers something special for design enthusiasts, and I just can’t wait to see them in person!

house beautiful-designer-visions-rockwell-group-bar-1112-xln

The opening of the showcase has been delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, but be sure to check out the Designer Visions website for more information on the launch date and exclusive events.  It’s definitely worth the wait.

{Photo credits: For David Rockwell/Rockwell Group: Reprinted by permission from House Beautiful, copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Thomas Loof, photographer.
For Antony Todd: Photography by Max Kim-Bee, courtesy of VERANDA magazine.
For Matthew Patrick Smyth: Reprinted by permission from ELLE DECOR, copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Björn Wallander, photographer.}

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