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Sharla Hammond_Sideshow
{Sideshow by Sharla Hammond}

I am an art lover.  I’m always in search of a new piece, whether it’s something for my home, a gift for a friend, or a piece to present to you here on the blog.  To me, art is what completes a home.  It is the soul of a space, allowing you to express yourself.  And I love discovering new sites and artists who allow you to do that.  I recently found out about UGallery, a well-curated site offering original art, from paintings to sculpture, and limited edition prints.  Recently, they asked me to participate in one of their cool Pinterest boards, “Be Art Guest”, curating my very own collection of original art.  And while I’ve been having tons of fun on their Pinterest board, I also thought you should be introduced to the trove of original pieces you can discover on the UGallery site.

Toni Silber-Delerive Pink and Green Fields

You can find pieces from artists like Toni Silber-Delerive.  I love her colorful paintings from an overhead perspective, like this one, Pink and Green Fields.

Alan Taylor Jeffries_Local_Custom

Alan Taylor Jeffries has some great abstract pieces, including this one, Local Custom, in pink, yellow and red.  Love the color combo!  And Sideshow (above) by Sharla Hammond is an incredible modern portrait.

You can also check out my pins on the “Be Art Guest” board.  I’ve been pinning some of my favorite fashion illustrations and figurative art, from artists like Samantha Hahn (I love the piece above that she created) and Cate Parr.  You too can get in on all of the art fun by following UGallery on Pinterest for some great original art inspiration.

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