Original Art: Ashley Goldberg

Ashley G 1

As a textile designer, I am always in search of a good print.  I spend a lot of time on the computer coming up with new ideas for patterns for our collection, and I love exploring the work of other artists and designers who develop beautiful prints and patterns.  I was struck when I saw the work of Ashley Goldberg.  Her Etsy shop offers a range of affordable art, and I love her abstract pieces.

Ashley G 2

In each piece, it’s clear that Ashley has a way with color.  Here, this piece, Chaotic, has a beautiful blend of some of my favorite shades – pink, yellow and black.  What a cool piece.

Ashley G 3

I love how blocks of color are layered in this piece, Mountain.  

Ashley G 4

Pretty shades of purple, blue, and green fall lightly in Take Shelter.  

Ashley G 5

And here, in The One, a little bit of yellow is a nice surprise.  
You can explore more of Ashley’s abstract pieces in her Etsy shop.  
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