Acapulco Chairs At The Common Project

The Common Project Image 1

Don’t let the name fool you.  The Common Project offers anything but the most common of chairs.  Their line of beautiful Acapulco Chairs, hand crafted by artisans in Mexico, has me obsessed.  I honestly want one of these comfy indoor/outdoor lounge chairs in every shade that they offer.

The Common Project Image 2

From jet black to pretty pink, recycled PVC chord in a range of colors is woven around a steel frame to create this cozy chair.

The Common Project Image 3

The Common Project offers the chair in a cool rocker version, perfect for taking a break by the pool, or just relaxing in your living room.

The Common Project Image 4

I have been searching for an Acapulco chair for a few years now, and was so excited to find that this shop delivers to the US, and even Europe, and other countries around the globe.  Beautiful chairs for everyone!

The Common Project Image 5

They also have a great version for the dining room – the Rosarito Chair.  It’s made from the same materials, and is perfectly shaped for family and cafe dining.

You can explore the entire collection at The Common Project.  Enjoy!

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