The Story Behind Our New Wallpaper Collection: JUJU

Juju Black and Gold Vignette_Ted Nghiem
Juju Black and Gold

It always feels amazing to create something new.  Since 2009 AphroChic has been growing at a pace that I can hardly keep up with sometimes.  It was then that we launched our very first collection of pillows, and in 2010 that we released our first wallpaper designs.  Since that time Bryan (who I affectionately refer to as Mr. AphroChic on social media) and I have been on a design hiatus.  We’ve been focusing the past few years on engaging retailers, writing the AphroChic Book, and the general day-to-day of building a brand.  Through all of that something was missing – design!  So, we today we are SO thrilled to release our latest design – JUJU – a new eco-friendly wallpaper collection that is available exclusively at Graham & Brown.

AphroChic Juju Pink and Silver Wallpaper vignette
Juju Pink and Silver

You may remember this pattern from last summer when we participated in the HP Designer Matchup Challenge.  Many of you voted weekly to help us create a new AphroChic design that we presented in New York to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Project Runway.  JUJU is the result of that event.  A stylish wallpaper design featuring a starburst illustration by Samantha Hahn, printed in three colorways on eco-canvas – a recycled wallpaper substrate with no VOCs that’s completely healthy to hang up in your home.

AphroChic Juju Blue and Green Wallpaper Vignette_Ted Nghiem
Juju Blue and Green

When we were working on naming the pattern, I thought of how much it reminded me of a Cameroonian juju hat.  The starburst looked like an oversized flower, much like the juju hats that many of us have in our homes, and the name just came naturally and fits perfectly with the design.

Bryan Mason applying AphroChic Juju Wallpaper_Ted Nghiem

On a warm December day, just after Thanksgiving, we set up a photo shoot to bring you some beautiful vignettes of the collection.  We were so excited to work with one of our friends and neighbors, Amber Skymer of ReMod Gallery, one of my favorite Philadelphia stores.

Remod Gallery

Filled with gorgeous vintage items, we were able to use pieces that Amber had in stock, and build some cute and funky vignettes to show off JUJU.  Photographer Ted Nghiem took some great images that we just love.

Amber_AphroChic Juju Black and Gold Wallpaper_Ted Nghiem

Amber fell in love with the gold and black print.  I have to admit it’s my favorite.  I mean, how glam would a room look enveloped in that pattern?

Remod Gallery

Thank you so much to Samantha HahnReMod Gallery, Ted Nghiem, HP, and to all of you for making this new collection a reality.  I hope that you love it as much as I do.  Be sure to check it out over at Graham & Brown, and stay tuned for more new products this year.  We are on a design roll!

{Photographer: Ted Nghiem}

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