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It’s always nice to discover something beautiful and refreshing in the world of design; pieces that aren’t mass-produced, but created out of a pure love of good design.  When I landed on the home page of Brooklyn shop Nalata Nalata, I felt like I had found something truly unique.  A well curated site of original designs from all over the globe, pieces from Japan, Canada and New York are brought together, each with a unique backstory that you can read about on the site.

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Founders Stevenson Aung and Angelique Chmielewski have great eyes for design.  Products like Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co.’s blade oil for kitchen knives stands out as much for the beauty of the packaging as the utility of the product.

Nalata Nalata Cara Mug_04_1024x1024

The smooth wooden Cara Mug is another exceptional piece.  I am in love with the natural woodgrain.

Nalata Nalata Cara Set_04_1024x1024

And I’ve dreamt of having an organic dinnerware set like the Cara Dinner Set made from linden wood.

Head on over to Nalata Nalata to see the beautiful designs in their shop, and also ready the stories behind each product in the Backstory section.  Enjoy!

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