Original Art: Sara Golish

I spotted Sara Golish’s work where I find most inspiration these days, on Pinterest.  Sara is a visual artist from Ontario, Canada who specializes in portrait drawing and painting.  I was immediately in awe of her gorgeous paintings of African-American women, and the patterned details present in each piece.  

Slightly reminiscent of Barkley L. Hendricks, Sara’s subjects are modern Black women against remarkable backdrops that are so beautifully executed they practically float away.

I love this woman with locks.  At once the piece is modern and yet has this almost timeless appeal to it in rich golden hues.

Evoking a Black Madonna, I love how this piece shines.  Sara paints beautiful works on commission, and will soon be selling some of her prints online.  I am going to need to purchase some soon, because I am absolutely in love.

See more beautiful works from Sara Golish >

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