PIXERS: A Lauryn Hill Mural For Your Interior

Pixers: Lauryn Hill

All of the coolest things come from Europe.  That’s immediately what I thought when I landed on the PIXERS website.  I immediately fell for their Inspiration Is A Woman collection of wall murals.  Featuring a series of female icons, including Lauryn Hill, Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, and Madonna, these murals are a fantastic way to add personal style to an interior.

Pixers: Frida Kahlo

Each piece makes an absolute statement, don’t you think?

Pixers: Coco Chanel

Besides the cool, artsy vibe they can add to your home, there are a few other great things about these murals – they are budget-friendly, you can customize the sizes, and they ship to the US!

Pixers: Madonna

Check out the entire collection at PIXERS >

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