A Brooklyn Home With A Vibrant Color Palette

Color can be challenging. For many homeowners it can be on the most intimidating things to work with in an interior. How to bring color home and doing it artfully is always a question. Interior designer, Jessica Helgerson has no issue with color. And she shows how to use it just right in this modern Brooklyn home.

Helgerson’s striking color palette of purple, red and teal, can be spotted in every part of this home. Even in the most spare spaces, like the hallway, this designer has found a way to weave a color story into every space. In addition to a striking color palette, Helgerson blends modern details beautifully in this home with unexpected cultural touches that create a deeply layered in evocative design. Kilims, Peruvian textiles and sari have been used to great effect to aid in this home’s vibrant design.

In the living room, the sofa is upholstered in brightly hued Peruvian textiles. The modular seating area is absolutely breathtaking. Up the stairs and into the bedroom, and you are met with more striking hues. A kilim rug in the bedroom brings together the pink and blue color palette in the space. For another punch of color, handwoven kilim pillows on the bed extend the color story.

The guest bedroom may be this home’s most striking space. It is electric as Helgerson uses a daring purple and red color combination that makes this space sing. It’s these daring moments that create a special interior that marries color and modernity with ease.