Seeing The Light: The Beauty Of Interiors Shot In Natural Light

While good photography is a science, great photography is an art. It’s not a question of how the image looks, but how it feels, and how it makes others feel in turn. From the photographer’s point of view, it’s a matter of style – of knowing the rules well enough to be able to decide which ones to break and why.


The rule that I am most known for breaking (in point of fact I break quite a few) is the one that pertains to the use of lighting for interior shots. While the rules on this subject are quite extensive and complex, my position on the matter is very simple: I don’t use lights for my interior shots.


Like most photographers I was taught all of the various ins and outs of proper lighting technique long before I ever decided to shoot without them. And to be honest, if I’m shooting anything else other than an interior, I will use them. But for me, artificial lighting just doesn’t fit with how I want the imagery to look and feel. And making that decision was a big part of discovering what I feel is my style.


Shooting in natural light with a film camera gave me images that felt the way that I felt when I looked at the room and conveyed that feeling well to others.


Patrick Cline is the Founder of UPLO and a contributor for AphroChic on Read the full article here. 

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