The Gallery Wall Grows Up

The gallery wall has had a fundamental impact on the way in which we bring art home. Walls have become interactive environments, where a mix of paintings, photography, and decorative objects can all be displayed in impeccable fashion. As the popularity of this artful display increases, so have ways to present the gallery wall. Sophisticated galleries are a composition, where pieces are arranged by color, scale, and genre. In the grown-up version of the gallery wall, we have all become curators, creating well-intentioned exhibitions that showcase our love of art at home.

Today’s gallery walls are experimental environments. Sculpture and prints can be easily mixed among portraiture and paintings. Photography can be a direct reflection of the furnishings in a room. And even sketches and small watercolors can make a statement in this diverse display of art and objects.

The most stunning gallery walls take chances. It’s the mix and match. The effortless dedication to playful composition that makes the gallery wall a statement piece that will never go out of style.