Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Embrace Dark Hues In Their Manhattan Apartment

It’s always interesting to see the differences in interior design and decor when looking from the west to the east coast. It’s even more fun when we can actually see the coast-to-coast design transition being made in the home of one couple. Last year, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen sold their LA home which had been covered in Architectural Digest, and moved into a Manhattan luxury apartment located in NoLita. Not surprisingly, the couple’s new home has retained much of their enviable signature style – a mix of Asian-inspired elements, modern art and Legend’s baby grand piano. But what’s most interesting are the differences. Where their LA home was light and airy mixing the natural elements outside with beautiful decor within, their Manhattan home is darker, moodier and more intimate. The space is more tactile too. The steel, brick, and wood of the home’s walls each have their own highly visible texture, which lends to the unique feel of each individual room. Don Stewart, the couple’s designer has taken full advantage of this as well, pairing warm wood finishes with gorgeous metallic stools in the kitchen and turning the dining room wall into its own piece of art. The end result is a home that is very New York – a jewel box abode perfect for this very stylish couple.

Source: Architectural Digest

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