A Tropical Oasis In Williamsburg

One of the beautiful things about life in New York is that you can walk around any corner and literally run into someone with an intriguing creative background and an interesting story. That it attracts so many creative people is part of what makes this city so amazing, and what makes house tours like this one so much fun. It was friend and photographer, Kristin Aytona, who first introduced us to this tropical oasis hiding out among the trendy spots of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood – the home of Jenny Kaplan of Aesthetic Pursuit.

This 1300-square-foot interior is filled to the brim with good design and lots (and lots) of plants and flowers that add to the interior’s tropical vibe. It’s no wonder given Jenny’s professional background. She is woman of many parts – part floral designer, part fashion stylist, and part interior designer. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, this Maine native took her life-long love for fashion and styling and turned it into a lifestyling service that covers everything from personalized shopping services, to curation of both the wardrobe and home.

Clothes, interiors and flowers, for me, all  follow a similar method of expression that speaks to my personal style. When I get new clients looking for help in home or wardrobe they generally gravitate toward my floral designs too.

In the home, which she shares with her boyfriend Chris, all three areas of Jenny’s style come together seamlessly. Dark walls and vintage furnishings create the perfect blend of masculine and feminine style. Accessories and flowers add colorful pops. And textiles and art hung from the walls add personal style.

It definitely was an organic evolution.

Still, it’s the flowers that have a special presence in Jenny’s home. It’s clear just walking through the space that she has a special passion for creating beautiful arrangements. On a trip to the flower market in Manhattan, Jenny shares her chic tips on creating floral arrangements that can stand up to the cool temperatures that we are still experiencing in early spring here in New York. Click through the slideshow to see more of this lifestyle designer’s chic Brooklyn interior and get her tips on bringing the perfect arrangements home.

{Photography and graphic design by Kristin Aytona}

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