A Paper Lantern Table Runner For Easter

These days there are so many options for decorating the dining table. Flowers are always a default for special occasions, but can be expensive and don’t last. This spring why not try a centerpiece that’s festive and full of personality.

Paper lanterns are usually limited to birthday parties, but they can also serve as a centerpiece for showers, weddings, or dinner parties and holidays. The key is to choose a lovely color palette. Choose a monochromatic color scheme or vibrant assortment of six as shown. Create a pattern arranging the colors in clusters of two or three. For a modern look, mix in black lanterns with spring colors. Choose a gradient or ombre pattern for a stylish look. Since these little paper decorations come in a vast variety of colors, you can really mix them up to your liking.

You can order small lanterns like these in bulk online at very inexpensive prices. What’s great is that they can collapse, store easily and can be recycled for the next occasion. The trickiest part is assembling the actual lantern with its metal frame. It’s definitely great to have an extra set of hands.

For assembling the table runner, there are just a few steps:

  1. Assemble all the paper lanterns by inserting the metal frame that props them open. Be careful not to puncture the paper.

  2. Start with the first lantern and tie a knot on its hook. Twine is very sturdy and easy to hide for the final arrangement.

  3. String the lanterns like beads, creating clusters of the same color so that the pattern is clearly visible.

  4. When completed tie a knot on the last lantern. Lay the runner of lanterns on the table. Some may need to be twisted, stacked or pushed together to achieve the right look. Add in fresh flowers or greens for an added spring feel. (Note: avoid candles as they can cause a fire hazard)

  5. Place a small fabric runner underneath the paper lanterns or try using a full tablecloth for a little bit of contrast.

There you have it, a simple centerpiece that is out of the ordinary for everyday or a particularly festive tabletop!

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