The Melbourne Home of Nectar & Stone

Inspired by our book, REMIX, we bring you this series in partnership with Apartment Therapy, taking you inside the most beautiful cultural homes around the globe.

You know Caroline Khoo. With over a hundred thousand Instagram followers online, you’ve likely seen her beautiful images of desserts under the name of her company, Nectar & Stone. The Australian dessert company has become synonymous with tasty treats that are more than just sweet, but absolute works of art. Even here in the states, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the moment when this mistress of sweet treats might open up shop or start shipping across the pond. While Nectar & Stone may not be in the US just yet, we wanted to see how Caroline’s colorful and whimsical dessert style translated into her own Melbourne home, and she was nice enough to give us an exclusive peek into her space. Just one look, and it did not disappoint. The beautiful family home that she shares with her her husband Nicholas, and two young sons, Isaiah and Dimitri, is filled with personal style and lots of feminine touches (how she manages to do it living with three young men, we’ll never know). Her boys even have a love for mom’s profession, helping out as official candy tasters in the kitchen. The entire space is a wonderful extension of her brand. A completely sweet spot that’s part cozy family home, part test kitchen for her stunning desserts.

Source: Aimee Jones Photography

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