Stunning Architecture In An Oslo Apartment

In Norway’s capital sits a beautiful Oslo apartment designed by Haptic Architects in the United Kingdom. It’s the architecture that draws you in. Built-in wood seating is a focal point in the home’s dining room. A railroad kitchen in charcoal has been built to create a cool contrast against the interior’s white walls. And a powdercoated white staircase is set up as the main attraction, carrying guests from the living area upstairs to a beautiful outdoor lounge. Beyond the architectural elements, the design is filled with a mix of natural elements and striking modern decor. Chairs in pastel shades of pink and light blue surround the dining table – a colorful display that adds a very modern feel to the space. In the living room a cozy gray sofa is accented by a bright and bold purple kilim and oversized art in black and white. Up the stairs and you’re met with more unique art at the top of the staircase. For a pop of color on the wood-paneled rooftop, chairs in shades of baby blue and yellow add a nice touch. The entire aesthetic is modern Norwegian – warm, sophisticated, bright, yet with unexpected touches of color that make this home one-of-a-kind.


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