An Artisan Home In Guatemala City

In Guatemala City lies a beautiful home where artisan pieces by locals, vintage family heirlooms, and modern elements sit side-by-side creating a deeply layered space. A walk inside this home, and you are met by the unique blend of color and pattern that’s on display. Within each room, color stories that range from teal to burnt orange are married to strong doses of pattern that appear in a combination of textiles and tile. In the living room a patchwork rug has been created using a variation of small carpets found in a local tourist market. The design, created by the homeowner’s ingenuity, feels completely original. To add more pattern to the space, tiles are a feature in the kitchen and in the hallway leading to the living area. in the kitchen, green tiles reflecting the outdoor areas of the space, are a striking feature. And teal tiles add a striking pop of color in a communal area of the home. The blue theme continues in the living room with a sofa that has a Japanese feel to it, sitting low to the ground with a nature-inspired pattern. In the home’s guest bedroom vintage textiles create a stunning backdrop. Textiles handed down from the homeowner’s grandmother create a strong visual display.


The New York Times