A Luxurious Moroccan Boutique Hotel

This amazing riad located in Marrakech, P’tit Habibi, is a unique place to call home while traveling in Morocco. Built to feel like a private home, this contemporary Moroccan boutique hotel blends a modern aesthetic with traditional Moorish details. The result is traditional elements like sculpted archways, trellis patterns, pierced lanterns and stunning embroidered textiles all enveloped within crisp, white walls for a modern feel. The 5-bedroom hotel is an ode to luxury. Each room has been outfitted with places to rest, relax, linger and enjoy. In the bedrooms, mattresses sit atop cool tile and beds are adorned in hand-embroidered Moroccan duvets. The living areas are home to more traditional Moroccan decor. Leather poufs dot the living area offering cozy places to sit, while sofas draped in Moroccan wedding blankets become the ultimate seating areas. On the rooftop, among a pool with fragrant flowers sits another Moroccan bed covered in a bright red handira. You can imagine staying in this stunning space, enjoying the 360 degree view on the rooftop overlooking the north Marrakech medina, while you rest after spending a day at the souks. Enjoying the absolute lap of luxury in a place designed to feel like you’ve lived there all your life.