A Colorful Beachside House In Australia

Located in Australia is a sophisticated beachside house by interior design firm Arent & Pyke. This Victorian Terrace home is filled with colorful furnishings and textiles that reflect the natural beauty surrounding this home by the sea. Clean lines and modern pieces offer a unique contrast to the home’s Victorian era roots. In the living room, pieces like the pink Slow Chair from Vitra stand out against clean white built-ins. A patterned table in yellow, black, white and soft pink adds to the modern aesthetic in the space. A more formal living area is painted in an inky dark blue that contrasts beautifully with white trim and an oversized juju hat that sits over the mantel. The color story continues in unique areas of the home like a work area adorned in a green foliage wallpaper, and the hallway painted a cool blue. Whether indoors or outdoors in this Australian home, vibrant hues can be discovered in the textiles. In the family room and outdoor living area, sofas filled up with arrangements of pillows in shades of blue, pink and purple, effortlessly capture the ocean vibe. The ultimate beachside retreat, this home blends urban sophistication with natural colors and elements to create a stunning home by the sea.