A Stunning Home In St. Helena

Decorating in a neutral color palette can almost be considered an art form. Some designers can make a neutral space sing, and interior designer Katie Martinez has mastered the art in this St. Helena home in Northern California. Located in Napa Valley, the area is home to some fantastic wineries and equally striking homes. A perfect picture of how to design with neutrals, Moroccan Berber rugs have been brought into the living areas of this family home for a clean base. The Berbers also add texture and some striking geometric patterns. Pops of color appear few and far between in this space, but Martinez knows just when to bring them home. The turquoise sofa in the living room, and deep, red antique rug in the home’s sun room are striking. The neutral base is so calm and effortless that everything else is allowed to shine, like the shapes of the furnishings and decor. Even the flowers and plants take on a structural quality against the off-white walls throughout this space. It is truly a relaxing place to call home against the green of the vineyards and trees that lie just outside in California’s North Bay.


Drew Kelly