A Globally Inspired Belgian Home

Dark, wood-paneled walls in the dining room, heavy leather furnishings, collections of hand-carved masks and sculptures – this Belgian home is among one of our favorites. The classic, masculine style has a timeless appeal, and it’s filled with a host of amazing treasures. You can imagine the homeowners as a worldy couple that travels often, searching to collect the most unique things to display in their home. The collection of wood carvings hung on the living room wall gives us a peek into their well-traveled world. It’s possibly a collection of hand-carved surf boards, maybe from Australia or New Zealand. In other parts of the home, pieces picked up from far-off destinations are prominently displayed on mantels and in frames. We spy a framed cowrie shell necklace among a collection of hats hung on the wall. Even the bookshelf is an area of interest, featuring sculptures of lions and cheetahs in a unique display. Modern pieces are also displayed throughout this home. From streamlined furnishings to the abstract art in the dining room, and the lighting throughout. Everything in this home is evocative, leaving us wanting to see what’s around every corner and in every nook of this worldly space located in Belgium.


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