An Urban Retreat in Milan

Italy is known for effortless style, and this urban retreat in Milan by architectural design firm Quincoces-Dragò & Partners is an exercise in absolutely beautiful design that all at once feels casual, lived in and very chic. In this gorgeous space it is the bones that first catch the eye. Gorgeous herringbone floors are in keen condition. Moulding along the ceiling and doorways frame each room. For a fresh approach, the furnishings in the space are thoroughly modern, a juxtaposition to the classic architecture. Tables and chairs in the dining room sport unique legs. A clean and modern bookshelf has been mounted to the dining room wall, showcasing just a few books and accessories. Modern pieces are met with vintage ones as well. A chest of drawers used to catalog cards or files is a bridge between the open plan living and dining area. Atop it, a glimmering collection of glass and metallic objects. The kitchen is old and new all at once. You can imagine meals being prepared there over a century ago, and yet the navy blue line of paint adds an up-to-date feel to the space. In the bedroom it’s all about the light. The way it displays shade and shapes on the simple white bedding. Our favorite touch, boxes upon boxes of Italian shoes marked by polaroid photos of what’s inside. This is absolutely a perfect urban retreat by a design firm that gets every detail just right.

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