A Modern Marrakech Oasis

We spend a lot of time looking at what’s inside a home, but sometimes the exterior of a home can be just as stunning as the interior. This modern Moroccan home is a perfect example. A beautiful Marrakech oasis, this home’s exterior offers a cool and serene environment for rest and contemplation. It’s the perfect Moroccan retreat. With a soft color palette as the backdrop, every element shines outside this home. A quick tour highlights so many beautiful architectural details. A soaking pool sports a modern design. Freshly scattered rose petals add a layer of unexpected color. To add texture, grass-hewn furnishings have been used. The chaise lounges are the perfect place to sit and enjoy the great outdoors for a moment, or maybe even all day. Black framed doorways and windows continue the modern feel of this home. They are truly a unique architectural detail, adding picture windows that allow you to look onto the home’s gardens from the inside. A look outside, and you see cacti arranged like sculptures – perfect pieces of outdoor art. The pop of green adds a wonderful natural touch. Down some stairs, and a hidden nook is another place to retreat. Black and white fabric has been used to upholster an outdoor bed, just hidden beneath a carved stone wall. The entire design of this exterior is a call to stay outside just a little bit longer to enjoy the great outdoors.


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