Save The Date: Harvard University Black In Design Conference

From the very beginning, AphroChic has always been a site dedicated to fostering a diverse, culturally-focused dialogue in the world of interior design. When we launched the site eight years ago, there were very few places where you could see the home of a person of color online; very few interviews about our work as designers; and editorials and video shoots showcasing people of color in design were few and far between. It was our mission, from the very first post, to create a space online that was inclusive and representative of the incredible diversity that exists in the world of interior design. Since that first post in 2007, we have gone on to do some incredible things adding to the cultural dialogue, from writing the first interior design book from an African-American perspective in over a decade, to being the first African-American designers to design a concept home on the west coast. And now, we are honored to participate in a truly exciting event, Harvard University’s Black in Design Conference in October.

Back in 2007, Bryan and I could never have imagined that our little blog and our desire to celebrate our culture and the contributions of people of color in the world of interior design could take us to speak at one of the country’s top schools. Hosted by Harvard University’s African American Student Union and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, this conference will provide an in-depth examination of the connections between ethnicity, social politics and design. Looking at these intersections on many levels, from the individual room, to the building, to the city, this conference will offer a number of panel discussions examining the role of design in either enforcing or restructuring social hierarchies as well as introducing new concepts on what it means to be not only a designer, but a teacher or even a student of design.

We hope to see many of you at this truly important conference that will be held October 9-10 in Boston. Over two days, you will be part of conversations on race and design, and hear the important contributions of members of the African Diaspora in interior design, architecture, urban planning, and more. If you have not already, be sure to register for this groundbreaking event. We can’t wait to see you there!

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    • Jeanine Hays
      Jeanine Hays says:

      It’s definitely an intriguing image. I think the meaning is reflected in the manifesto for the event. Definitely check out the website for more information. The link is in the post.


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