Go On A Global Journey With How We Live

It’s wonderful to get a new book. To open the pages, and discover what’s inside. The best books are those that take you on a journey, and we love the journey that interiors photographer Marcia Prentice takes us on in her book, How We Live. Taking us into the lives of 18 homeowners in cities around the globe, Prentice explores the homes of creative thinkers and the environments that they call home.

The photographic essays in How We Live transport you to another world. One moment you are in the souks of Marrakech among decorative trinkets, archways and tile, and the next you are exploring the pristine and minimalist styling of a home in Denmark. The juxtaposition of cities and styles makes this an intriguing book to read. It’s a true travel journal, taking all of us along for a global and cultural ride.

Featuring 18 cities and some truly personal spaces, How We Live gives us a beautiful picture of life in several international cities. From Mumbai to Beirut, Marrakech, Mexico City, Amsterdam, and more, it’s a unique look at life abroad.

© How We Live by Marcia Prentice, www.teneues.com. Photo © 2015 Marcia Prentice