A Cultural Lens On Floral Design

Kathleen Hyppolite of Kat Flower and Emily Howard of Phileanor know floral design. The two women, who have recently partnered to form, The Floral Salon, are among Brooklyn’s top floral designers. Creating naturally whimsical arrangements, they are part of a new generation of floral designers informed by today’s cultural aesthetic. Never too fussy, their designs are inspired by the maker movement that can be seen throughout the borough, with a focus on the organic, the artisan and the handmade.”The work I do with flowers tends to be gestural, but not too wild, complex, but not busy, and feminine without being prissy,” says Emily. “My arrangements imbue their settings with a sophisticated, grown-up whimsy that I think a lot of clients are looking for these days.”

In a recent shoot that we produced for ELLEDECOR.com, the two shared their point of view on new floral design trends for 2016. Their arrangements nestled among beautiful tabletop displays with vintage china at You & Yours Fine Vintage in Greenpoint, the designers shared how today’s cultural aesthetics are resulting in more relaxed arrangements where the simple shapes and movement of the flowers shine. “I try to use the same approach with flowers as I would food,” remarks Kathleen. “Using fresh, seasonal elements to create a thoughtful and natural design that captures each bloom’s charm, grace, uniqueness and beauty. My style is textural, personal, with notes of romance and whimsy.”

From the bold tropical arrangement created by Kathleen, to the soft and disparate color palette that can be seen in Emily’s arrangement of antique peonies, the two share floral design trends that embrace color, texture and a new cultural aesthetic. For the full article visit ELLEDECOR.com.

Produced by AphroChic
Florals by Phileanor and Kat Flower
Styling by Angela Belt
Photography by Patrick Cline

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