Celeste’s Colorful Interior In The Netherlands

A head full of gorgeous curls and colorful backdrops. These two things make fashion blogger Celeste van Joost’s Instagram feed addictive. The founder of Celmatique, Celeste has a focus on sharing her unique vision of fashion and style as a way to inspire others to be themselves. And it’s working. With a growing fanbase, and some pretty great collaborations under her belt (she recently worked with curlBOX), this fashionista is carving her own unique space in the world of fashion blogging. And her desire for authenticity in the world of design extends to the style found in her family home in the Netherlands.

“[My style is] colorful, kind of funky with a feminine touch, but most of all it’s about mixing different cultures, textiles, materials and prints,” says Celeste. And that can be seen in each room of this home. A departure from the typical white and black color palette of many homes in this part of the world, Celeste’s interior is a filled with color, pattern, art and global objects. “The house is inspired by a lot by different cultures, since my father is from Indonesia. My mother is a fashion designer, so a lot of things in the house are fashion related as well.”

For color, the living room sports a bright cherry red sectional. In the bedroom, turquoise walls add a beachy feel to the space. Print and pattern can be found in pieces like the living room rug, the ultimate fashion accessory in a leopard print. And the collection of art throughout the home is a mix of original pieces and family heirlooms. “The traditional Indonesian wooden lady belonged to my grandmother.”

The design is the perfect expression of Celeste’s style – visually stimulating, bold, and vibrant.