A Thoroughly Modern Brooklyn Home In Cobble Hill

Brooklyn. The city’s largest borough is home to some of it’s most stunning homes. Down streets in Crown Heights, Park Slope, and in Cobble Hill, passers by can spot dozens of homes that are now being updated into modern interiors that will make one’s heart swoon. Brooklyn style is a marriage. A melange of the historical notes of the city, with thoroughly modern elements that make it one of the most sought-after places to live. For Danielle Colding, Principal of Danielle Colding Design, Inc., Brooklyn is home, and also the home of one of her most recent projects – updating a plain duplex into a thoroughly modern Brooklyn home.

The design is nothing short of stunning, featuring bold elements, classic furnishings and metallic touches that are absolutely on-trend for early 21st century design. Enter the home’s open-plan living room, and it’s a study in contrast. A black and white color palette is warmed with shimmering metallics and dark woods. Furnishings feature a mix of genres, from a mid-century modern dining table, to super modern bar stools by Phase Design. For accessories, Colding found local elements, including pillows from Brooklyn-based brand, Bolé Road Textiles, and lighting from Apparatus.

Wanting to make a statement throughout the interior, Colding had an eye for detail with wallpaper that adds a splash in the space. The interior’s high ceiling is highlighted with a bold Pleats wallpaper. And the pièce de résistance is a stunning dark floral wallpaper by Ellie Cashman that is the backdrop to the dining area.

Up the stairs, the home’s master bedroom features a striking a mix of materials. A wood frame canopy takes center stage. A large, gray rug provides warmth and texture, grounding the space. In the corner, a blush velvet chair completes the look. While the master bedroom is a study in mixing classic style with comfort, the home’s second bedroom is all about drama. Cloudy Fornasetti Il Nuvolette Wallpaper provides a dramatic backdrop in the interior.

The entire design is a study in modernity, the Brooklyn way.


Patrick Cline Photography