The Mine

Spring is a time of renewal. In this season there is rebirth – a return of flowers, fragrance, the absolute beauty of nesting, and a world filled with color. From pinks, to greens, to creamy white magnolias, and deep purple sunsets, the colors of spring are an absolute vision. And they are an inspiration for all who want to make home a more beautiful, comfortable, personal space. For our own vision of spring, we collaborated with Colorhouse to create three vignettes inspired by the season, featuring our Brooklyn In Color paint collection that is now available at The Mine.

Each vignette is a unique color story; an ode to the season. The first palette is a blend of Coney Island Pink, Prospect and Minerva. An exercise in pinks and greens that are spotted during springtime, this subtle palette is grounded by the deep gray of our Minerva shade, and even darker elements, like the black and gold floor lamp. To add a sense of femininity to the space, we chose sculptural items with curves including a Star Fruit Vase from The Mine that perfectly reflects our Prospect shade, and a lush velvet side chair, the ultimate place for a quiet respite. Under foot, a Turkish Timber rug from FLOR grounds the entire palette.

Our second palette is an exercise in neutrals. Hunterfly, Boathouse and Skyline are featured. Each shade is inspired by Brooklyn architecture. The whisper of blue in Hunterfly is a perfect backdrop to this vignette of creams and grays. The colors all have a story to tell. The gray-blue is inspired by the Hunterfly Road Houses in Brooklyn, home to a free African American community decades before the Civil War. The whispering hue comes to life when married with Boathouse, an off-white shade that can be found on the historic boathouse located in Prospect Park. Skyline on the baseboard is reflected again in the soft gray of the shagreen Diesel End Table, and tea jar accents featured in the vignette.

Our final palette is all about the fun that can be had with color. Spring is no exercise in restraint. It is nature showing off in beautiful abundance, and the combination of these three colorways is an expression of that. Three colors that wouldn’t normally seem to naturally, play well together in this vignette. Bed-Stuy, Botanic Green and Front Stoop all shine here. A Patio Party banana leaf sideboard becomes the key to this color palette – a central piece that brings all three shades together. For Bed-Stuy’s part, the gray-lilac color is a magical neutral, moving from soft gray to purple depending on the light. Front Stoop is the redish-brown shade that can be found in every Brooklyn neighborhood. The two make magic here with the addition of a dark, Botanic Green. The colors feels like spring.

Color should be effortless. It should be engaging. It should be exciting and invigorating. And these color palettes can serve as inspiration for spring’s colorful embrace this season.


AphroChic with Colorhouse for The Mine