The Almoravid Rug Collection

Almoravid. The name of a vast empire that covered much of northern Africa and southern Spain. The Almoravids founded Marrakech as the first city of Morocco and began a tradition of African rule in Europe that would last from the late 11th century until 1492. The Almoravids created an enduring legacy that continues to impact the world to this day. Our latest collection of vintage Moroccan rugs, the Almoravid Rug Collection, is a celebration of that history.

Knotted by hand from hand-spun wool, these limited-edition pieces represent techniques and traditions that are several centuries old. Each once crafted by the Berber tribes of North Africa. Each a piece of unique artistry. Mainly crafted by women in small communities, these vintage pieces are modern works of art, featuring symbology, sophisticated color palettes and abstract patterns.

The curated collection offers an array of colors, from bright red to deep berry hues. Along with cream and off-white Berbers as well, it’s a well-balanced offering of vintage rugs that will make a stunning display at home. From the soft textures due to 100% wool, to the one-of-a-kind patterns presented in each piece, these rugs are a beautiful way to infuse home with global culture and to achieve a worldly, well-traveled look.

Almoravid is a cultural journey that we invite you to explore.


Melanie Acevedo


Adepero Oduye