Brooklyn In Color: Stacey Blake

How can color transform a space? That’s one of the questions we asked when developing our paint collection, Brooklyn In Color. Our focus was on creating twenty full-spectrum hues that could create a colorful backdrop and depth in a room. And that’s exactly what our Navy Yard shade does in the home of Stacey Blake. The color, inspired by Brooklyn’s navy yard, is a moody shade of blue that contrasts beautifully with colorful elements to create a space that shines.

Stacey designed a statement wall where Navy Yard’s deep hue is highlighted by deep orange accessories and wood furnishings. The color palette is a perfect combination. When asked what she likes about Navy Yard Stacey’s response was a joyful one, “We love its deep hue and richness and think it makes the perfect backdrop to showcase the boys’ growing art collection. The art really pops off this beautiful color!” 

“I was actually daydreaming about the brown mid-century dresser against the navy wall before I even painted it,” remarks Stacey. “I just knew it would work because brown and navy is such a delicious combination!” The color also offers unique contrast in the space. “The existing white trim would allow the navy to pop and we all know navy and white is a classic color combination,” says Stacey.

The colorful backdrop allows Stacey’s sons to have an area to display their very own works of art. “[I thought] all the art from the gallery wall would undoubtedly pop against the navy and it sure does.”

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