Reset: A Fall Refresh with Sony Life Space UX

Photographer:  Chinasa Cooper
Styling: AphroChic

Fall Refresh Sony Life Space Ux Coffee Table

Home is changing. Apps on our phones can let us lock our doors, turn on our lights, or change the temperature from miles away. Voice activated home assistants do everything from tell us the weather to turn on the TV. As iPhones turn ten, and technological advancements continue to grow, it’s clear that the hi-tech home is no longer in our future – it’s right now. Our ever-growing relationship with technology continues to have a major impact on just about every facet of how our homes work – but not how they look. More and more tech designers are realizing that getting their products into our homes is as much about how they look as it is about what they do. The result is a new generation of sharp-looking products for the home that are as stylish as they are useful.

In the AphroChic studio, which  is part living space, part work space, we continue to look for ways to seamlessly blend technology into our decor in a way that’s comfortable and that fits with our aesthetic. Earlier this year we decided on a high-tech fall refresh. As we searched for the best way to add a little more tech to our lifestyle, we found that the right technology can enhance one’s space and look beautiful as well.

A suite of pieces from The Sony Life Space UX line have become the newest and coolest additions to our home. The idea behind Life Space is Sony’s belief that in order for technology to become a real part of your life, it has to look like part of your home. To accomplish that goal, Life Space offers a selection of projectors and speakers designed to look perfect in a modern home, often while performing double duty. The Glass Sound Speaker, for example, not only fills our home with sound, but warms it with a soft LED glow. While entertaining or simply reading a book, the soft glow adds a sense of ambiance.

Beyond sound, it’s also important for us to have technology that helps us visualize our projects – pieces that can assist us as we’re designing a new textile, or showcasing a design idea to a client. The Portable Ultra Throw Projector has become a handy piece for presentations, allowing us to share ideas with clients through smart innovation.

Home is changing, and we’re changing with it. It’s a pleasure to find pieces that embrace the connection between interior design and tech, supporting our work as designers without disrupting our environment.

This post is sponsored by Sony Life Space UX. Explore the complete collection of Life Space products for innovative and smart technology.