Photographer:  Chinasa Cooper
Interior Design: AphroChic

A Design Classic: The White Sofa

There are some pieces that are classic in the world of interiors. They have staying power. They can meet the test of time. A white sofa is definitely one of them. No matter the era, white sofas have made an appearance. They were fainting sofas in the 19th century, featured stunning curves during the time of Hollywood glam, took on a structured look when mid-century hit the scene, and became contemporary seating in the early 80s. Today, these design classics take on a new life. No longer the pieces reserved for homes without little ones and pets, the white sofa has been reimagined as casual seating where hard-wearing fabric can withstand the test of time and even a few red wine spills.

Article is one of the brands leading the way with classic sofas that are made for real life. Their Triplo sofa in Milkway Ivory is fit for the most luxurious of homes, but is also made for real life, with a heavy weave tweed fabric. In our live/work studio, that heavy weave upholstery makes all the difference, making this the perfect sofa for both client visits and family affairs, where nieces and nephews can play amongst the Triplo’s duck feather cushions.

The classic silhouette is also a testament to Article’s mission – a focus on modern pieces at fair prices. The three-seater sofa is fashionable with a layered seat fit for comfort. The weave is surprising, with shimmering flecks of gold woven within. And the block wooden frame supported by brass metal legs makes this white sofa stand out as a contemporary statement piece. The attention to detail is remarkable for a sofa that retails under $1000.

White sofas have the ability to stand the test of time. And now these design classics can stand the test of real life, taking on a new identity as casual pieces of furniture for modern spaces.

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