Plating: The Beauty of Enkee Ceramics

Photographer:  Chinasa Cooper
Styling: AphroChic

Plating The Beauty Of Enkee Ceramics Plate And Bowl

It’s not just about what you eat. There should also be the consideration of what you are eating on. It is something we think about often. How does food get elevated through presentation and plating? What level of artisanship is necessary to perfectly frame an exquisite meal? Where can we go to find plates and bowls that help to express the soul of a dish? Through asking those questions, we discovered Enkee Ceramics. Founded by Denise Mckenzie-Lee, Enkee Ceramics is dedicated to making handcrafted pottery that makes each and every meal feel like something magical. Mckenzie-Lee creates each item in her Portland studio, her personal touch and energy infused in the matte glaze and rough-hewn edges of each piece.

In the AphroChic Kitchen, pieces from Enkee Ceramics are used to elevate dishes made by some of New York’s top chefs. A New Orleans-inspired shrimp dish. Southern fried chicken. All elements pop against the black dishware that was handcrafted for our cooking series. Each plate elevated by Denise’s hand.

Not only does food shine atop this handmade pottery, but the plates and bowls perfectly pair with some of the latest trends in flatware – golden forks and spoons, deep black utensils, blushing tones of rose gold are all the perfect accompaniment to any of the pieces that Denise creates.

To explore the full collection visit Enkee Ceramics and discover pieces that will soon become heirloom elements in your home.