Designing A Sensory Experience: The AphroChic Signature Candle

AphroChic Signature Candle

Often, when we’re sitting down with a new client for an interior design consultation, we ask a few questions to get to know them better. What does your home feel like? What does it sound like? What does it smell like? These are questions meant to engage the senses. Home is not just something we see. It’s not just about the pretty, it’s about the experience. As designers it’s our job to create a sensory experience for our clients, through materiality, color, texture, light, sound and even scents. That’s what inspired the development of our candle collection. We wanted to leave each of the spaces we designed with scents that were immediately warm and enveloping.

The road to developing our signature scents was anything but easy. We started on the journey five years ago, meeting with perfumers on both coasts to find just the right blend that reflected our aesthetic. We wanted to create something deeply layered, and magic finally hit when we met with The 125 Collection in Harlem. Working with them, we landed on a collection of scents that felt truly reflective of our brand.

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Sienna, our signature scent, is a blend of orange, lavandin, amber and sage. It smells like home, particularly the homes that we grew up in as children. Notes of orange feel like a reminder of grandma in the kitchen. Touches of lavender smell like mom’s perfumed lotion. And rich amber adds a masculine quality. With each layer, we are brought back to a childhood memory.

We have also added Moroccan Orange Spice, Wild Lavender and Turkish Vanilla to our line of candles. Our candles can be found exclusively at the Brooklyn Museum. They are warm scents that immediately evoke the feeling of home.

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