Black Girl Beautiful: Nikia Phoenix

Words By: Jeanine Hays




AphroChic Magazine Issue 2 Nikia Phoenix

Model and Activist Nikia Phoenix in Issue 2 of AphroChic Magazine

We sat down with the cover girl of our second issue – model, activist and friend – Nikia Phoenix. During the recent interview on our podcast, One Story Up, we spoke with Nikia about self-love, celebrating Black women, and the Nikia Phoenix Podcast…

AC: What is that journey to self-love?

NP: Being your own best friend is very important. Often we overextend ourselves, especially as women we overextend ourselves. Self-love is having that grace for yourself. I used to beat myself up about having a breakdown. Self-love for me now is saying, hey, you’re gonna have bad moments and that’s okay. You’re still moving out from Point A.

AC: You are so open in the podcast about the journey that you’re on. What made you want to open yourself up that much to an online audience?

NP: I realized that there is strength in vulnerability. And I’m on this path, this journey of self discovery. In order for me to do that, I have to be transparent and be really, real with myself. There doesn’t need to be a difference between my social media avatar and who I am. And I think that actually, that’s powerful.

AC: What are you hoping that your listeners will get from it, and is there anything that you’re hoping to get in return?

NP: I’m looking to heal and be able to show people that healing is not a hashtag. Self-love is not a hashtag. Health care is not a hashtag. These are things that are very real and that we experience and that it doesn’t have to be picture-perfect and pretty because often it’s not. And when you are your authentic self and you’re living in your true self, your purpose, it somehow gives other people permission [to do that too].

“Self-love is more than a hashtag.”

Nikia Phoenix

In my utopia, we see each other’s universal energies.

Nikia Phoenix

AC: Model Liberation, Black Girl Beautiful and the Nikia Phoenix Podcast all start to seem like they fit together as part of this ongoing conversation that you’re trying have with the rest of us. We’re curious to know, ultimately, what form do you think this [conversation] might take? And what if we all listened?

NP: In my utopia, we see each other’s universal energies. We feel it and celebrate each other’s individuality, because my energy is not conflicting with your energy. It’s coming together with yours to make this entire universal energy. And I think differences – we can celebrate them. I’m [not] any better than someone else, or any less than anyone else. We’re all equal.

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