What To Wear During Your Yoga Workout With James Bianca

Fashion stylist, James Bianca, shares with us some of her favorite pieces for the perfect yoga workout.

Chen Tai Chi Exercise with Bryan Mason

At Aphrochic we are introducing a 3-part wellness series in partnership with Nike. For anyone looking for more out of their weekly wellness routine, look no further than Tai Chi. Once a martial art designed for battlefields and bodyguards, it’s now an exercise with an endless variety of health benefits, from fighting stress and reducing anxiety to relieving joint pain and strengthening the heart.

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AphroChic and Nike partner on a brand new wellness series, showcasing how athleisure can help you live well at home.

Work From Home Looks That Have Style

Fashion contributor Krystle DeSantos is here to help with some stylish and easy to recreate WFH looks that you’ll enjoy rocking all day long.

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AphroChic Magazine and Thermador brought a group of creatives together to discuss how we can make every moment count together.

Sounds: Featuring Ranky Tanky

Enjoy an exclusive performance by Grammy-winning quintet, Ranky Tanky.

Floral Styling 101

Camille Simmons of Planning Pretty show us how to create designer-style centerpieces with grocery store flowers.

Where Is Safe?

Over the last week, I have been wrestling with one question over and over again, why am I here? The “here” I’m referring to is the United States of America, a country I moved to a decade ago.