A New Attitude: A Bathroom Stuck In The 80s Gets A Total Makeover

Trends and times, these two complementary forces move just about everything in design. When they work together, everything flows beautifully – the times change, and the trends change with them. As they do, we begin to love new kinds of furniture, reinterpret old patterns and find new ways to use colors. At the same time, the trends that develop, evolve and move on over a certain number of years define an era, one that influences and shapes all the eras that come after it. It’s a great system – when it works. But sometimes things get out of sync. Sometimes a home can get stuck in an era. We’ve all seen it happen – a kitchen that’s frozen in the 60s; a living room that time forgot. When it happens, it can be a challenge to see past the way things have “always” been and envision the space with a new life in the current era. But when you do it, the results are astounding.

Recipe: A Fried Chicken Sandwich with Heat

Chef Rashad Frazier takes us on a culinary journey with his new food concept, Yoshi Jenkins, a fusion of African American and Japanese flavors. His fried chicken sandwich is an elevated take on the dish, featuring a watermelon hot sauce that is inspired by summertime. 

Literary Design

At AphroChic, we love to design spaces that are narrative-driven, spaces that tell a story and where all of these various elements come into play. And one of our favorite storytelling accessories is books.

The Culture Of Color: A Philadelphia Home Transformed

Color is defined as “the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.” Color is a sensation. It is personal. It is reflective. It is transformative. In the home, the right use of color can create an aesthetic. And bringing color home is as simple as starting with a can of paint.

Plating: The Beauty of Enkee Ceramics

Enkee Ceramics is dedicated to making handcrafted pottery that makes each and every meal feel like something magical.


The white sofa is a design classic that has made a statement throughout time. Today’s white sofas are relaxed, and family-friendly pieces for the home.

Reset: A Fall Refresh With Sony Life Space UX

In the AphroChic studio, which  is part living space, part work space, we continue to look for ways to seamlessly blend technology into our decor in a way that’s comfortable and that fits with our aesthetic.

At Home With Delia Kenza and Julio Leitao

Every home tells a story and the Brooklyn brownstone of Delia Kenza and Julio Leitao tells one of culture, artisanship and family.