Brooklyn In Color: Stacey Blake

Design Addict Mom, Stacey Blake, brings AphroChic’s Navy Yard shade, from our Brooklyn In Color Collection, home.

Design That Gives Back: A Conversation with Yetta Banks

Yetta Banks, Vice President of Design & Construction at Viacom, discusses how she uses interior design as platform to give back.

Off The Beaten Path: Exploring Trinidad’s Magnificent Seven

When planning a visit to Trinidad take time to behold the tremendous architecture which quietly stuns all over the island. And there is no better architecture in which to experience the full spectrum of cultural influences than at Port of Spain’s Queen’s Park Savannah: the Magnificent Seven.  

Damien Davis: Blackamoors

Brooklyn-based artist Damien Davis explores historical representations of Blackness through digital printing and new technology in his Blackamoors series.

Celeste’s Colorful Interior In The Netherlands

A head full of gorgeous curls and colorful backdrops. These two things make fashion blogger Celeste van Joost’s Instagram feed addictive. The founder of Celmatique, Celeste has a focus on sharing her unique vision of fashion and style as a way to inspire others to be themselves.