Floral Styling 101
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Floral Styling 101

Camille Simmons of Planning Pretty show us how to create designer-style centerpieces with grocery store flowers.
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The History of the Juju Hat

We love designing narrative-driven spaces. Part of creating the narrative is identifying beautiful pieces that have a history to them, and implementing them into the homes that we design. Pieces like the Juju Hat. We fell in love with these Cameroonian hats in the early part of the 21st century. Thick with colorful feathers, these ceremonial hats were reimagined as objet d’art in our residential designs, hanging as a colorful decorative elements on the wall. Yet, while Juju hats are a common sight on the walls of many modern interiors, for the Bamileke people of Western Cameroon they were once a rare thing reserved only for a select few.
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Designing A Sensory Experience: The AphroChic Signature Candle

As designers it’s our job to create a sensory experience for our clients, through materiality, color, texture, light, sound and even scents. That’s what inspired the development of the AphroChic Signature Candle. We wanted to leave each of the spaces we designed with a scent that was immediately warm and enveloping.
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New Heirlooms: The Inspiration Behind Our Latest Collection

With New Heirlooms, we have taken our unique perspective on modern design and culture in home decor and designed a collection that looks forward to a time where representation is a reflex, not a trend, and diversity is a habit rather than an act. In anticipation of that moment, New Heirlooms offers inheritable pieces that will stay with families for generations to come.
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A New Attitude: A Bathroom Stuck In The 80s Gets A Total Makeover

A Philadelphia home gets a bathroom makeover taking it from the 80s to the 21st century.

Literary Design

At AphroChic, we love to design spaces that are narrative-driven, spaces that tell a story and where all of these various elements come into play. And one of our favorite storytelling accessories is books.
Belfield Blue Living Room
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The Culture Of Color: A Philadelphia Home Transformed

Color blocking helps contribute to a personal aesthetic in this Philadelphia home.
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The white sofa is a design classic that has made a statement throughout time. Today's white sofas are relaxed, and family-friendly pieces for the home.

Reset: A Fall Refresh With Sony Life Space UX

In the AphroChic studio, which  is part living space, part work space, we continue to look for ways to seamlessly blend technology into our decor in a way that's comfortable and that fits with our aesthetic.