Stunning Library Bookshelves

Library bookshelves, usually reserved for more traditional homes, are making their way into modern interiors.

Alicia Keys’ Manhattan Penthouse

Earlier this year Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz sold their fabulous Soho penthouse.  While the couple may have left this amazing Manhattan home for the suburbs of New Jersey, it’s still worth a look inside this incredible interior. Surrounded by glass, one of the most beautiful things about this space is how natural light just streams in. Around every corner you are met with interesting pieces, like the Muhammad Ali photograph in the pool room and a graffiti covered pool table. The dining room has the best views, overlooking Soho.  The dining chairs look custom made with unique Greek key details on the arm. The use of rich materials is what makes this space truly luxurious. In the kitchen and living room, an expanse of marble is used as an eye-catching feature. Particularly the marble surrounded fireplace. What could be more glamorous?


Ilse Crawford’s Inspiring Interiors

Whenever we’re asked about our favorite interior designers, Ilse Crawford is always at the top of the list.  Her inspiring interiors are the perfect combination of modern and traditional. Each room that Crawford designs has a soulful character that’s brought into the mix through color and bits of pattern. Her rooms keep us intrigued, and that’s what a great designer should do. Her interiors integrate modern pieces in the most unexpected ways. In a modern country space, built-ins are painted in a deep eggplant shade, exposed beams add a rustic touch, and a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is styled to perfection. In a living room, a teal sofa fits right into a wood-paneled living room filled with vintage pieces. With each space there are so many details to fall in love with. For more of Ilse’s work, we recommend picking up one of her books.  Our favorite is Home Is Where The Heart Is.