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Design That Gives Back A Conversation With Yetta Banks

Design That Gives Back: A Conversation with Yetta Banks

Yetta Banks, Vice President of Design & Construction at Viacom, discusses how she uses interior design as platform to give back.
September 4, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
Black Woman Travel

Off The Beaten Path: Exploring Trinidad’s Magnificent Seven

When planning a visit to Trinidad take time to behold the tremendous architecture which quietly stuns all over the island. And there is no better architecture in which to experience the full spectrum of cultural influences than at Port of Spain’s Queen’s Park Savannah: the Magnificent Seven.  
August 7, 2017/by Jeanine Hays

Damien Davis: Blackamoors

Brooklyn-based artist Damien Davis explores historical representations of Blackness through digital printing and new technology in his Blackamoors series.
June 28, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
A Lounge Against Hate Chair

A Lounge Against Hate

The design of the DESIGN AGAINST HATE LOUNGE was an exercise in creating a place for conversations about how both, art and design can be transformative elements against hate within today's society.
June 19, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
Aphrochic Moroccan Rug Almoravid Collection

The Almoravid Rug Collection

AphroChic's inaugural rug collection. The Almoravid Rug Collection features vintage Moroccan rugs handmade by artisans and curated by AphroChic.
June 8, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
The Mine AphroChic Bed Stuy Botanic Green

The Mine

AphroChic's Brooklyn In Color paint collection comes to The Mine, showcasing three color palettes in partnership with Colorhouse, inspired by spring.
May 23, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
Aphrochic Headwrap 4

Headwrap: A Cultural Symbol

The headwrap is finding its way into more and more editorials and can even be spotted on today’s runways as a unique expression of Black identity and a powerful symbol of culture.
May 15, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
Anthony Hamilton Shots Fired

The Inspiration Behind The Music of ‘Shots Fired’

A discussion with producers and music supervisors, Jabari Ali and John Houlihan, regarding the music of Shots Fired, the FOX series centered around the current conversation on police brutality, white privilege and race in America.
April 26, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
aphrochic - PulledTogether Winters End Pork Belly Confit Dish

Winter’s End: Pork Belly Confit

Food is so much more than just nourishment. Food is life. Not only does food sustain us, it can bring us comfort, joy and even, when necessary, closure. It’s only fitting that we look at how food, cooking techniques and life all converge at the changing of a season.
April 14, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
aphrochic - modern Brooklyn home living room wallpaper

A Thoroughly Modern Brooklyn Home In Cobble Hill

For Danielle Colding, Principal of Danielle Colding Design, Inc., Brooklyn is home, and also the home of one of her most recent projects - updating a plain duplex into a thoroughly modern Brooklyn home.
April 7, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
aphrochic - David Adjaye National Museum of African American History and Culture

Behind The Architecture: Inside the National Museum of African American History and Culture

The design of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC is an architectural feat, led by David Adjaye's vision for the stunning structure on the National Mall.
March 28, 2017/by Jeanine Hays