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aphrochic - Chef Rashad Frazier Buttermilk Biscuits

Chef Rashad Frazier’s Buttermilk Biscuits

Chef Rashad Frazier knows a thing or two about southern cooking, creating rich, sophisticated food like his buttermilk biscuits, rooted in the soulful traditions of the African American kitchen.
March 21, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
aphrochic - Stacey Blake in North Carolina home Design Addict

Bold And Beautiful In North Carolina

Stacey Blake, the woman behind the popular interior design blog, Design Addict Mom, defines the design aesthetic in her North Carolina home with just three words - colorful and bold.
March 14, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
Aphrochic Paint Coney Island Pink Dining Room

Brooklyn In Color

AphroChic's new paint collection, Brooklyn In Color presents twenty beautifully crafted hues that now define the brand's signature color palette.
March 6, 2017/by Jeanine Hays


February 16, 2017/by Jeanine Hays
aphrochic - presents wrapped in gold wrapping paper

Top 5: Our Holiday Wishlist

From new publications, to clothing tied to social justice, here are top five gifts that are filled with meaning.
December 22, 2016/by Jeanine Hays

A Rooftop Soirée

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September 17, 2016/by Jeanine Hays

A Discussion With Fashion Designer Nana Yaa Asare-Boadu

Fashion designer Nana Yaa Asare-Boadu takes the time and care to work by hand in one of New York's most fast-paced industries.
September 17, 2016/by Jeanine Hays

Gbenga Akinnagbe Launches ENITAN

Actor and activist, Gbenga Akinnagbe, enters the world of home decor with the launch of ENITAN, a vintage furniture company inspired by his Yoruba heritage.
June 25, 2016/by Jeanine Hays

Celeste’s Colorful Interior In The Netherlands

A head full of gorgeous curls and colorful backdrops. These two things make fashion blogger Celeste van Joost's Instagram feed addictive. The founder of Celmatique, Celeste has a focus on sharing her unique vision of fashion and style as a way to inspire others to be themselves.
June 6, 2016/by Jeanine Hays

The AphroChic Micro Loft Celebrates Brooklyn Style

How can you live big in 500 square feet? It's great when design…
May 23, 2016/by Jeanine Hays