A Melbourne Interior With Manhattan Style

Glamorous, elegant, tailored – all three words come to mind when looking at this beautiful Melbourne interior designed by Travis Walton Architecture. An Australian-based architect, Travis Walton is known for his blend of contemporary and creative design with a luxurious feel. This space truly reads that way. Once a traditional heritage home in South Yarra, Walton has transformed this interior into a 3-bedroom home filled to the brim with modern touches. The inspiration for the architect? Manhattan.

“As a home, this space needs to balance elegance and comfort. The bold, minimalist furniture and architecture brings a sense of refinement and masculinity, complimented by rich textiles, strong patterns and warm natural light filtering through from the skylight and courtyard to give a sense of comfort and cultivated charm.” – Travis Walton

In addition to bold, masculine style, art and color are also used to great effect in Walton’s design. Jewel-toned shades are used to add vivid color to each room – a bright blue, geometric rug in the home office, an upholstered chair in the living room, a deep aubergine seating nook in the bedroom. And walls have been painted in perfect shades of gray and black to allow the home’s collection of artwork to stand out. The end result is a sophisticated home that brings together the beautiful design of two striking cities, New York and Melbourne.

Stunning Architecture In An Oslo Apartment

In Norway’s capital sits a beautiful Oslo apartment designed by Haptic Architects in the United Kingdom. It’s the architecture that draws you in. Built-in wood seating is a focal point in the home’s dining room. A railroad kitchen in charcoal has been built to create a cool contrast against the interior’s white walls. And a powdercoated white staircase is set up as the main attraction, carrying guests from the living area upstairs to a beautiful outdoor lounge. Beyond the architectural elements, the design is filled with a mix of natural elements and striking modern decor. Chairs in pastel shades of pink and light blue surround the dining table – a colorful display that adds a very modern feel to the space. In the living room a cozy gray sofa is accented by a bright and bold purple kilim and oversized art in black and white. Up the stairs and you’re met with more unique art at the top of the staircase. For a pop of color on the wood-paneled rooftop, chairs in shades of baby blue and yellow add a nice touch. The entire aesthetic is modern Norwegian – warm, sophisticated, bright, yet with unexpected touches of color that make this home one-of-a-kind.