Dream In Color

It’s 2015, and white walls are so last year. The most beautiful homes are awash in color. Walls decked out in dreamy hues of bright blue, deep pink, and soulful black are all set to become the new rage. It’s time to move beyond the stark-walled interiors that have been so popular for the past few years, and design deeply colorful and evocative interiors, using color to create personalized spaces that feel how we want to feel.

We love the idea of a luxury paint collection, something inspired by nature, that can turn a home into a work of art. But we also want something healthy for the home, with low odor and no VOCs to harm the environment. It sounds like we’re asking a lot, but it turns out that the people at Colorhouse were already a few steps ahead of us. A premium brand dedicated to the idea of creating high-quality shades, Colorhouse specializes in producing 100% acrylic paints with low VOCs, no reproductive toxins, no chemical solvents, and absolutely no toxic fumes. On top of all that, they offer a selection of such rich, inspiring tones that finding a shade to love is less of a problem than deciding which one to bring home.

Looking through their catalog of paints, we chose five stunning shades – Wood.04, Dream.05, Sprout.06, Nourish.06, Petal.04 – that will help you transform your interior in 2015. From Colors of the Year, to new neutrals, click through the slideshow to see how you can bring dreamy, eco-friendly shades home this year. You’re sure to like what you see. And for all of our friends in Chicago and New York, we’re giving an extra $5 off any gallon of paint. If you’re a Brooklynite, like us, you’ll want to check out the collection at your local Home Depot.

And as we’re still in the process of designing our new place in Brooklyn, we’ll be adding interest to our walls with Colorhouse. We can’t wait to give you a tour, so stay tuned!

The Colorhouse collection has 128 colors to choose from.

The Colorhouse collection has 128 colors to choose from.

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This post is sponsored by Colorhouse. Colorhouse paints are now available in select Home Depot stores in Chicago and New York. Find a store near you.

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Update Your Walls In Emerald Green

Deep, saturated, emerald green walls – that’s what I’m loving right now. The jewel-tone shade speaks luxury, and when painted on all four walls, or just a feature wall in a room, emerald green brings a calm sophistication to any space. Color palettes of emerald and black, emerald and navy, and emerald and coral are all perfect for creating a colorful space with a touch of glamour.

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The Little Yellow Side Chair

Yellow has been an important shade in interior decor ever since 2009, when mimosa was named the color of the year. It’s staying power remains five years later. While we may not be painting our walls yellow or bringing canary-hued sofas home anymore, there are smaller yellow pieces that are adding a nice, sunny pop to interiors. Enter the little, yellow side chair. It is making appearances in living rooms, offices and intimate reading nooks. It’s the perfect blast of color to enliven any room.

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Black, White And Wood Rooms

Decorating with black and white will forever be classic. There is nothing like a beautiful room decked out in these two contrasting shades. But I also love a black and white room with wood accessories that help bring things down to earth a little. There is something about wooden elements that ground this color palette, and in my opinion, take it from sterile to soulful. When bringing black and white home, think of bringing in sculptural wood tables and chairs, or even fabulous wood flooring to give this stark color palette some warmth.

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Blue Sofas Are In

Yesterday, I was reading through my issue of Porter Magazine and landed upon one of their trends for Spring/Summer 2014 – the color blue. According to Porter, American’s overwhelming love the shade this season, and even in interiors the shade is popping up everywhere. From cobalt, to electric, to navy, I’m feeling these sophisticated shades of blue in the home. Fast becoming a new neutral, on the walls and on furnishings, blue hues are making a statement. The color is super luxe when paired with metallics like brass and gold, and fresh and beachy in bright white spaces. Here are a few of my favorite rooms where shades of blue are making a big impact.

Check out our Color Crush: Blue Pinterest board for more moody blue inspiration.

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The Great Gatsby Style: Art Deco

Great Gatsby Style: Art Deco

Last week, Hollywood released The Great Gatsby. The film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel written in 1925. A celebration of the jazz-era style of the 20s and 30s, The Great Gatsby promises to be filled with beautiful Art Deco style.

Great Gatsby Style: Art Deco

From the fashions to the architecture and interiors, at every turn we can expect to see the geometric forms and bold outlines that Art Deco is known for. Once an exposition of the modernist decorative style that emerged in Paris in 1925, the glamorous style featuring luxe palettes of black and gold and cool zigzag designs can still be spotted in the skyline architecture of cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit.

Great Gatsby Style: Art Deco

Art Deco is making a comeback in 21st Century design, and you can discover it in a number of home accessories.  Check out my post on the DLB Blog on how you can bring Art Deco style home >

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