Color And Pattern On Display At 100% Design South Africa

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South Africa has one of the strongest textile and furniture design scenes in the world. Home to innovative design that includes strong doses of color and pattern, it’s always a thrill to see the latest trends coming out of cities like Johannesburg. 100% Design South Africa features furnishings and accessories that break the mold, featuring the best in contemporary design from a uniquely African perspective.


Vintage Textiles And Furnishings From Barrington Blue

Bright hues and bold patterns. That’s what you can spot at LA’s, Barrington Blue. The shop, that we discovered on Instagram last month, offers some beautiful vintage textiles from around the globe, and gives them new life as pillows and seating. Their benches and stools are a great way to integrate some color and pattern into a space. And we’d love to place armfuls of their vintage kilim pillows on our bed at home. And even though this family owned-business resides in LA, they ship all over the US. We already have our eye on a few stools that would be right at home here in Brooklyn.

The 411 On African Wax Prints

Vibrant, colorful and complicated, wax prints are among the most iconic images of African fashion. Throughout West Africa and in African communities around the world, wax prints of different types are a common staple in the wardrobes of  many women. Like so many pattern types coming out of Africa, they have begun to make the transition from fashion to home décor, appearing as upholstery fabrics for chairs, sofas, pillows, and even framed as wall art.  

AphroChic: The 411 On African Wax Prints

AphroChic: The 411 On African Wax Prints

Yet even while fashion icons such as Solange Knowles and Beyoncé are embracing these prints as outgrowths of West African culture, there is a fascinating and complex global history behind African wax prints that many of us are not aware of.

AphroChic: The 411 On African Wax Prints

AphroChic: The 411 On African Wax Prints

So before you spring for your first wax print outfit or decide to reupholster your favorite chair, here are six interesting things to know about Dutch African Wax Prints.

Bryan Mason is the Co-Founder of AphroChic, and the Managing Editor for AphroChic on Read his full article: 6 Amazing Facts About African Wax Prints on

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Anthropologie’s Fall Catalog Celebrates Cultural Style At Home

Moroccan-inspired rugs, ikat sofas, bone inlay bed frames from India… this year’s fall catalog from Anthropologie offers everything we love in global design – a true celebration of cultural style. Celebrating interiors with an eclectic mix, Anthro is helping homeowners achieve rich and textured spaces through pieces that tell a global story. Here are just a few of the pieces that caught our attention:

Checkered Stars Rug

Bone Inlay Four Poster Bed

Semisfera Coffee Table

Harper Sofa

Bamileke Stool

Source: Anthropologie

Global Textiles at Interwoven

Kera Thompson is the woman behind Interwoven, an online boutique that offers artisan textiles for the home. A designer who lives in the United Arab Emirates, Kera, a former model, has an eye for what’s beautiful in the world of textiles. The premiere collection includes wool Kashmiri rugs, hand-embroidered pieces, and wall tapestries that will make a stunning statement piece in any room. All items ship free internationally. Explore the complete collection at Interwoven.