Kia & Jason’s Passionate Bed-Stuy Home

Bed-Stuy is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn. You walk into Bed-Stuy, and you can still feel that old-school Brooklyn vibe – it’s effortlessly cool with an amazing creative community. It’s one of the remaining homes of an authentic Brooklyn, where artists and designers flocked creating a new Black renaissance in the last decade. Among its many talented residents are Kia Dyson and Jason Reynolds. Hailing from Baltimore originally, the two have a Bed-Stuy home where the things that they are most passionate about are on full display. Kia, a photographer and artist and Jason, an author, have a home where creativity comes first and where their passions are nurtured.

“We dedicate the majority of our time to our respective passions and careers as artists, so the collection of things — beautiful, interesting, new, old — is a natural bi-product,” remarks Kia on the home’s decor. Chocked full of pieces that they have written or created themselves, everything in this Brooklyn home has meaning to it. Above the fireplace is a digital piece by Kia. The stacks of books in the living room contain the four written by Jason during the couple’s time in New York, kept in good company among the many others.

Taken at once, the home is quite literally a snapshot of their lives. In each nook and corner of this home, we see vignettes of this couple’s life – a story of creativities explored with the promise of more to come. A guitar seated in a living room corner is just waiting for the right mood to strike so that it can be played, just as vintage cameras on the mantel wait patiently for their next shoot. “Trinkets, tchotchkes, books, art, plants and photographs, make up our living space simply because they make up our lives,” says Kia, pondering their collections of unique and interesting pieces.

“It’s almost as though over time we’ve created an incubator, a space warm enough, and with the perfect stimuli to foster creativity at all times. We just so happen to also eat and sleep here. But if this weren’t our apartment, we would probably still want to come to this place to hang out, listen to music, drink wine, talk and spark new ideas for fresh work.”

Photographer: Kia C. Dyson

Reuben Reuel

Homes of Brooklyn is a monthly series where we talk with artists, designers and tastemakers in their own spaces in the borough we love – Brooklyn. In episode 2 we take you inside the home of fashion designer, Reuben Reuel of Demestiks New York. We are sincere fans of Reuben’s work. His Dutch African wax print dresses have been spotted in Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, and on some of our favorite celebrities (oh you know, just Queen Bey herself). One step into Reuben’s home and we could immediately feel the space that nurtures his creativity. From a collection of R&B records stacked in his fitting room, to the colorful display of Dutch African and vintage fabrics that are used in his work, his home is a true reflection of the soulful spirit that guides him. Click play to explore the Bed-Stuy home and studio of your new favorite fashion designer, Reuben Reuel.

AphroChic: Homes of Brooklyn: Reuben Reuel

Host: Jeanine Hays
Written By: Bryan Mason
Videography: Mae B. Films
Photography: Erika Layne Photography

Delphine Diallo

Home is a reflection of who we are. Brooklyn is home to some of the most interesting people and eclectic design styles in the world. In collaboration with Mae B. Films, we are excited to announce the launch of AphroChic TV and a new series that sets out to find Brooklyn’s Modern Soulful Style. Homes of Brooklyn is a monthly series where we’ll be talking with artists, fashion designers and tastemakers in their own spaces. Our first stop: touring the home and studio of Brooklyn-based, French-Senegalese photographer, Delphine Diallo. We fell in love with Delphine’s soulful black and white photos on Instagram and, and with her pictorial exploration of evolving femininity and global identity. Truly an artist on the cutting edge of photojournalism, we are thrilled to take you inside the space that fosters her creativity. Click play to tour Delphine’s home in Bushwick.

Homes of Brooklyn: Delphine Diallo Slideshow

Host: Jeanine Hays
Written By: Bryan Mason
Videography: Mae B. Films
Photography: Jenn Singer

A Brooklyn Renovation Story

Brooklyn is home to many creatives. The borough is edgy, artistic, modern and the perfect environment for those who want to create something fresh and new. It is also filled with an incredible historic charm. Many of today’s Brooklyn artists and artisans live and work in homes originally built over a century ago. Joanna Torres, owner of the online boutique, Brooklyn Thread, lives in one such place. Joanna and her husband were both born and raised in the borough, so when they went in search of a home that they could build together there was only one city on their list. Known for its historic homes, Brooklyn was the ideal place for them to find what they were looking for. The couple discovered a classic, brick carriage house, originally built in 1909. In need of some serious TLC, they took to renovating the space, taking it from an early 20th century abode, to a modern home suited for 21st century living.

“With both of us being Brooklyn natives, it was always our dream to find a classic Brooklyn home that we could restore.” -Joanna Torres

The couple took the time to update the traditional home over three years. Modern features were added, and large bits of the home’s historic charm were also restored. The original hardwood floors were salvaged and restored while cast iron radiators throughout the home were returned to their former glory. And they lovingly restored the home’s exposed brick and cast iron clawfoot tub to their original luster in the bathroom.

The few historic details that couldn’t be restored to the space were completely rebuilt. A replica of the home’s original tin ceiling runs throughout the first floor. And push button lighting that mirrors the original lighting of the interior was also installed. In the living room, a stain glass window was preserved, creating an eye-catching moment in this remarkable space.

“Renovating our historic Brooklyn home from start to finish was definitely a dream come true for us.” -Joanna Torres

After years of hard work, the finished result is absolutely dreamy. Providing enough space for this professional couple to both live and work, the transformed interior shows all the benefits of Joanna’s eye for color. Filled with a cool palette of blues, greens and soft whites, this classic Brooklyn abode has been transformed into a perfect home for Brooklyn creatives.

Photographer: Constantin Boca Photography